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First Step Register 

The first thing you need to do is to print or make a copy to edit of the Registration Form

Second Step Sign 

Print or make a copy to edit of the Authorization to Release Transcript if you were not a TUSD student

Third Step Schedule a Meeting 

The last step is to schedule an in-person meeting.

You can call 822-2112, email 

Tehachapi Adult School

126 S. Snyder Avenue Tehachapi, CA

P: (661) 822-211

Offered Services

Tehachapi Adult School offers

A student can earn credit and receive a high school diploma through Tehachapi Adult School. We serve students who are 18 years and older who have dropped out of school or who have graduated from high school from a different country and would like to receive their high school diploma in the U.S.


Diploma are no free of charge to all students enrolled. Textbooks for home use are available online and is provided through Edmentum Curricula.


If you attended a school in Tehachapi Unified School District at any time since 2000, your transcript may already be available on the district computer system. When you arrive to enroll in classes, the counselor can check your transcript on the computer.

If you are coming from another school district, in-state or out of state, please order your transcripts prior to enrolling. Make sure that your transcripts are delivered to yourself, or can be emailed to Program Manager McKenna Maglio at

Some delays in obtaining transcripts may be unavoidable. When transcripts are received, previous high school credit earned will be evaluated and a schedule will be planned for each student.

Please contact McKenna Maglio at for the evaluation of foreign transcripts or any transcripts that needs evaluation. Additional time may be required for foreign transcript evaluation, residency, attendance, and graduation requirements.

Student Advising/Counseling

We care for our students and majority of our role is to provide and assists our students with any concerns or issues pertaining to enhancing and completing their education. We assists students in evaluating their high school transcripts (both U.S. and foreign) in completing the required courses and receiving their diploma. We also provide referrals and collaborate with other community agencies in other concerns not pertinent to education. Assists students on the benefits of decision making for either completing high school courses or in preparation for the GED exam (equivalent to high school diploma) but also to assists and advise students with enrollment procedure if deciding to further their education in postsecondary colleges or vocational programs available to our school.


  • Students enrolled are required to complete a minimum of 3 hours of work per class per week.

  • We offer one on one tutoring services with instructor

  • Pacing guide to help track academic progress reports

  • Online courses through Edmentum curricula

  • Zoom conferences for remote learning
  • Pretest/Posttest and end of the semester test for collective data
  • Mandatory instructor consultation once a week
  • Student counseling provided by instructor and or Program Manager

Other Programs Include

  • Welding Courses
  • English Second Language-(ESL/Civic) courses online/hybrid
  • GED testing and GED coursework

For more information, please visit:

Requirements for Graduation
  • English -- 40 Credits
  • Math -- 10 Credits
  • Algebra -- 10 Credits
  • Life/Bio Science --10 Credits
  • Earth/ Physical Science -- 10 Credits
  • World History -- 10 Credits
  • US History -- 10 Credits
  • Economics -- 5 Credits
  • Government -- 5 Credits
  • Health -- 5 Credits
  • CTE/Applied/ Fine Art -- 15 Credits
  • Electives -- 70
  • TOTAL: 200 Credits